How we are addressing the current crisis

Good Evening Lyme Bay, I’m Simon West and at 6pm this evening, you’ll be able to tune into a special broadcast of Curvy Lines on Lyme Bay Radio. 

I’ll be hoping to lift your spirits with some lovely music but first, let me tell you what has happened with our freshly launched community radio station and what we are hoping to do in the weeks and months ahead.

Many of you joined us, or read about our launch, just a few weeks ago on Sunday 1st March. 

We have a smashing handful of volunteer presenters in training who have been doing a brilliant job of learning how to run a show and drive the desk. 

Our station has been built at the back of The Hub and it’s a small closed environment which is almost impossible to remove the risk of transmission of infection, so last week, Chris Tipping, the Programme Controller and I, decided to put the station into lockdown, for the health and wellbeing of our team and guests to the station.

However, lockdown doesn’t mean shutdown!

With a little help from our friends and a few technological solutions, we plan to up our game, trying to help everyone across Lyme Bay cope with what might prove to be a challenging period.

The Team at Lyme Bay Radio are hatching a plan to keep you entertained, informed, connected and uplifted. Over the past month, we’ve been working hard to train as many of our presenters to drive a show in the studio.

Now that our situation is in a state of flux and the situation continues to evolve, I’m trying to teach our team how to do Remote Voice Tracking. Simply put, this will allow them to create a programme from anywhere, including the comfort and safety of their own homes – it’s not going to be a 5 minute job to get this all working smoothly – so please bear with us.

All being well, over the coming week or so, we should have most of the shows you’ve already been enjoying, back on air. We hope to add a few special broadcasts to keep us all on top of things and informed about groups and individuals who are offering assistance to the community.

I have been greatly heartened by the various Facebook groups that have been popping up who are trying to match up needs in the community with people who can deliver them. I’ve also been in touch with other community stations in the South West, regarding sharing information with each other, possibly even sharing some of our shows with them and their shows with us.

I need to stress, we are still in the starting blocks, the presenters have got quite a bit to learn about the Remote Voice Tracking and and we’re still not sure how we are going to administrate it, but Lyme Bay Radio will try to be part of the social glue that keeps our communities up to date with what’s going on.

For now, keep an eye on our schedule for more information, keep an ear on our programmes by visiting and clicking Listen Live or myTuner app and finding us there.

We will endeavour to broadcast a community bulletin at 7pm with what we’ve found out about what’s going on.

The Team

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