Lyme Bay Radio to suspend Broadcasts from today

Unfortunately as the Lyme Bay Radio studio needs visiting on occasion to either re-set equipment, or in the case of the current frequent power outages to actually turn everything back on, I have decided that all broadcasts are suspended until the end of the current Government lock-down as I am not prepared for any volunteer (or myself for that matter) to potentially expose themselves to Covid-19 by having to physically attend to the equipment in the studio.

LymeForward (with the blessing of the Trust) are also using the HUB as a distribution point for Foodbank so there is a greater exposure than if the building had been shut down. The right thing to do is to prioritise that service at the moment.

To that end I will be securing the studio until the end of the current lock-down period at which point I will review the situation in line with whatever the current official advice is.

I know that a lot of people will be disappointed, not the least of which are Simon who has done everything he can to keep the Radio going remotely, but I would rather everyone was safe and a lot less stressed.

This of course does not mean in any way that the Radio is shutting down, and I call on all presenters to start preparing for when we re-open. We will need your brilliant shows back on air as soon as we can, so all our listeners can start enjoying the brilliant diversity that you bring to the station.

So for now, Viva Lyme Bay, and see you on the other side.

Chris Tipping
CEO Lyme Regis Development

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