Welcome to this week’s MoBoZonE we have a great collection of gems for you this week.Beginning with a mashup of Motown hits coming via Germany from DJ Z Trip. The beautiful harmonies of the Vibrations through the goodtime funk of the Fatbacks and on into the deepest depths of Cymandes ghetto funk. An astonishing trip into harp peppered jazz from Dorothy Ashby and smokey soulful tones from the American Gypsy lead us into the mesmerising rhythms of Africa from Les Barons  and the Afro Influenced Funk Federation from Canada.Our exit from the zone this week begins with the unique tones of Italian producer Tullio de Piscopo and a voyage into Outta Space with Atmosphere. PS. Atmosphere are scheduled to play in Weymouth 2021

 ??RiDDimCheF ✌?

1. Motown Breakdown – Dj Z Trip

2. Comeback Breaker – Dr Rubberneck

3. Dusty Revolver Theme – Afternoons In Stereo

4. Shake it Up – The Vibrations

5. Cool Whip – The Fatback Band

6. Assembly Line – Commodores (remix)

7. Brothers On The Slide- Cymande

8. Moving Finger – Dorothy Ashby

9. Inside Out – American Gypsy

10. Lagos Sound System – Les Barons

11. Circles – AIFF

12. E Fatto E Sorde! E? (Club Mix Edit;Money Money) by Tullio De Piscopo

13. Dancing In Outa Space- Atmosphere 

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