This week I am going to take a trip round the 90’s rap scene, hopefully playing some of your favourites from that era, plus a couple of less well know tracks. The acts that laid the foundations in the 80’s for rap music in the 80’s and managed to survive musically (and in some cases physically), generally went on to greater success, with the likes of Public Enemy, LL Cool J and De La Soul all scoring major hits in this decade. The peak of Gangsta rap occurred in the mid 90’s, along with sadly an increase in gun violence centred around the genre. It was also the advent of P Funk superstars Digital Underground, and with it they brought a more funk and jazz based sound to the scene. They also launched the career of one Mr Tupac Shakur (allegedly still alive and living on a remote Caribbean island), whose career seemed to go astronomical after his death.

TUPAC in 1993

Featured artists this week included the Intelligent Hoodlum, The Jungle Brothers, Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, A Tribe called Quest …..and many many more.

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