I grew up through the 1970s so naturally came to know and love the music from that era. Glam rock developed in the UK in mainly between about 1971 and 1976 with musicians who wore outrageous outfits and hairstyles, makeup, platform shoes, glitter and sparkly costumes.

Glam artists embraced a wide range of musical styles from pop, bubblegum, soul, rock and roll, cabaret, science fiction, and art rock.

The performers flamboyant clothing and visual styles were often androgynous and blurred historic gender roles and stereotypes. In many ways, this liberated fans to explore music ‘for itself’, opening the floodgates of acceptance for the vast variety of music we enjoy today.

The ‘Glam Slam’ show with Russ is a celebration of the glam music with notes and anecdotes from a fan who grew up through the era and remembers it well.

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