So for this first voyage into the MoBoZonE of 2021 we kick off with some R&B flavours, then some soul and funk, morphing into some jazzy head nodding beats for the final hour.

Points of interest along the way recommended by the RiDDimCheF; Marsha Hunts Walk On Guilded splinters, a Dr John Song covered by Humble Pie and Paul Weller.

Locally living Glynn Bush aka Lightning Head/Rockers HiFi with the excellent El Head Sound.
Second Floor Collective with a blinding piece of sax work over a great rhythm.

Other highlights include Francois Ks remix of Coldfeets Shameless and Wind and Sea by Atjazz with some great bass fret work.

Next week’s MoBoZonE is likely to have a Library Music feature and a new track from Tapha Artist in The Gambia

Till then from me the RiDDimCheF have a great New Year and keep listening ✌?

1. Hideaway – Freddie King
2. Talking Woman – Lowell Fulsom
3. I Just Can’t Get You Out My Mind – Four Tops
4. This will be – Natalie Cole
5. You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go – Johnny Guitar Watson
6. Tomorrow I May Not Feel The Same – Gene Chandler
7. Summertime Healing – Eusebe
8. Bottoms Up – Chilites
9. Walk On Guilded Splinters – Marsha Hunt
10. Winter Sadness – Kool & The Gang
11. El Head Sound – Lightning Head
12. Latin Lotus 77 – Calagad 13
13. Boulevard East – Second Floor Collective
14. Jazzmaster Kruger & Dorfmeister mix – Alex Reece
15. Snow blind – Minus 8
16. Asa Quebrada – Flavournaughts
17. Latinica Witch – Riviera Rotation
18. Shamefaced – Francois K mix Coldfeet
19. You Are Love – Lovetronic
20. Descarga – Gerardo Frisina
21. Crossbreed – Kyoto Jazz Collective
22. Wind & Sea – Atjazz
23. By Your Side Naked remix – Sade

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