So I started out this week intending to do a bit of a Library music feature but as so often in the MoBoZonE I got distracted along the way. 


We start out with a fine example of library in the guise of Deepthroat. Library music is the music you hear in TV drama and ads and films, which is recorded for moods and themes of the time. Producers and creators can generally use the music for a fee in their productions instead of having it specially recorded which is very expensive. Anyway more examples later


Next up sending us straight into the zone is Dean Parrish a white artist who achieved iconic status when his record On My Way became one of the 3 before 8, the last three records played every week at Wigan Casino the legendary Northern Soul club. Here Dean powers through a very Norman Whitfield type belter.
Alvin Robinson with a great version of Little Willie Johns Fever next,followed by the the kitsch seduction of the Clovers,this week’s candidate for “Back To Mine For Coffee“ the new feature in the zone.
Local artist Joss Stone next with her latest single a great song with Gospel tones.
The superb Lack of Afro and some Chipmunk nonsense bring us to our next Library connected tune. Here Comes That Sound Again by Love deLuxe was another pseudonym for Alan Hawkshaw the king of Library. Most of you will have heard some of Alan’s compositions like the themes to Countdown and Grange Hill. His 60s tune The Champ has been sampled by everyone and their uncle. The beginning of this tune was sampled for Sugarhill Gangs Rappers Delight.
A great low slung funk track from John Martyn produced by local man Harry Warren leads us into our final Library track Nicotine a suitably dark piece for the MoBoZonE.
My good friend Tapha from The Gambia next with a great slice of Mballax. I will be interviewing Tapha in the coming weeks and playing more of his music.
Highlights of the rest of this week’s journey are Bobby Hughes and The Equals, Give Love A Try. We will be featuring more of Eddie Grants work in future episodes.
I have rambled enough now , don’t forget boys and girls send your nomination for a Back To Mine For Coffee tunes to me at
Till the next time 



1. Deepthroat – Atmosphere Archive
2. Purple Mountain Majesty – Dean Parrish
3. Fever – Alvin Robinson
4. Stay Awhile – The Clovers
5. Walk With Me – Joss Stone
6. Soul Power (lack of Afro mix) – Kokomo
7. Boogie The Devil In – Chubukos
8. Porcupine – Nature Zone
9. Here Comes That Sound Again – Love Delux
10. Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythms – DC Larue
11. Discositdown – Fred Wesley and Horny Horns
12. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free – Billy Taylor Trio
13. Cool In This Life – John Martyn
14. Nicotine – Atmosphere Archive
15. Motion – Brown Smith & Grey
16. Muddy Muddy – Jazztronic
17. Wa Lo Ham – Tapha (Taal) Artist
18. In Control- – Ramses Revolution
19. Reconnected – DJ Smash
20. Soufflés H – Mondo Grosse
21. Felicidad ( funky lowlives mix) – Suva
22. Los Rumberos De La Habana Y Mantanzanos – Bobby Hughes Raina Do mix – Edson X
23. Give Love A Try – The Equals.

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