Saggy and Sage, casting off the myth of perfection on behalf of REAL women everywhere!

Sick of being told how you should look, feel and behave? The perfect, toned, sorted and chosen ones who we just can’t identify with? Yeah us too! So we are here to rescue you from all that perfection. Each Wednesday, we’ll be taking a real look at life through honest conversations and deep discussion and we will be sharing it all with you in our no holds barred radio show. From friendships, relationships, dating, and self image to careers, money – everything which makes us laugh, love and cry; bringing together women through comedy, experience and solidarity.

A little bit more about your presenters…

Saggy and sage – Lisa and Janette are two fifty-something women living in Lyme Regis, having fun and living our dream.

Lisa is a beauty therapist and does the makeovers for Janette’s makeover photography business and we’re both dedicated to helping women feel more confident and happy. In recent years we’ve both noticed the pressure that women feel as a result of social media, to be perfect, slim and financially successful; advice from women who apparently run 7 figure businesses, maintain a size 10 figure, with pristine houses, successful children and have the perfect relationship with a gorgeous husband, all whilst being able to do the splits. We’re here to dispel that myth of perfection – it’s time to get real. Because life is funny, chaotic and anything but perfect. Life is perfectly imperfect.

Saggy and Sage.
Every Wednesday at 7pm

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  1. Best of luck with the new show Lisa & Janette, I was away yesterday but look forward to hearing it soon on line or catching up next week! Us men need to learn to listen more than just talking for a change! 😂😂👏👏

  2. Listening live on the internet from the wirral, great music choices ladies. Looking forward to fun and laughter👏👏

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