100 Years in 1000 Songs – Tuesday 11th

Our journey of the most influential, inspirational and important songs of the last 100 years continues…
Music was shifting and there was a freedom to experiment different soundscapes and directions for even the most middle of the road of bands and in Part 14 this week, there is plenty of psychedelia brewing in the wings as I explore those all important and inspirational songs that made up the rest of 1966.
Join me for a trip in more ways than one with The Four Tops, Donovan, Love, The Supremes, Cream, The Monkees, Walker Brothers and lots more in 60 minutes of the history of music with your ultimate historical playlist.

England’s Dreaming – Tuesday 11th

No time to breathe this week as we smash out punk and new wave heroes back to back from 1976-1981.
The virgin bands continue with avengeance this week include Swell Maps, Coventry Automatics, The Donkeys, Disguise, Amber Squad, Black Flag, Chron Gen, Flux of Pink Indians, Red Beat, Devil Dykes, The O Levels and The Lines.
These are all balanced with big tunes from the era from XTC, Jona Lewie, Squeeze, Plastic Bertrand, Elvis Costello, Sham 69 and The Buzzcocks alongside those more hidden classics from Talking Heads, Simple Minds, Tom Robinson, Ultravox and loads more.
The ‘Cover 2 Cover’ slot features two of the biggest bands of the era, Generation X and The Jam putting their best feet forward on cover versions; and ‘Go 2 Extremes’ this week features Derry’s finest.

The Rock Bar – Wednesday 12th

The doors open dead on 9pm and then it’s rock and metal all the way to midnight.I will be revealing the brand new Top 10 Rock Chart from 9.30; The Classic Rock Album of the Week is a dark and heavy nu metal beast from 1996; and the Onwards and Upwards’ slot features a female fronted Stockholm band called The Damn Truth.
The ‘Cover Version of the Week’ is a punk classic given the grunge treatment from L7; the final hour of the show is devoted to this very week in a Vintage Rock Year – and we go back to May 1978; and we close the doors with a special ‘One for the Road’ chosen by Finally Friday’s best chum, Mr Ian Gillan.
As ever there is a serving up of new tracks from Ayron Jones, 68, Thundermother, Evile, Dropkick Murphys and Crobot as well as blowing the cobwebs off the vintage from the cellar from Boston, Faith No More, Mastadon, Pearl Jam, Slipknot and crate loads more.
Wednesday nights are rock nights.
Acceptable in the 80s – Friday 14th

The 90s was creeping into the styles and music of this week’s show as we tap into the end of the decade and go back 32 years to May 1989.
Dance music was diversifying, rock was getting heavier and too many soap stars wanted to be popstars.   
There is plenty of diversity from De La Soul to Bon Jovi; Cookie Crew to Metallica; Transvision Vamp to Inner City and Stevie Nicks to The Beatmasters.
Prepare yourself mentally for this one.

No.1s Show – Saturday 15th

Time to argue with your friends and family and then admit you were in the wrong as you guess the years of these chart toppers, all of which were at the top this very week in May during the last 60 years.

I will play a track from two No.1 albums that were at the top from this week in 1973 and 1996; and we close the show with those USA Number Ones that failed to make the top in the UK, this week from 1964, 1978, 1993 and 2020.

Join me as I keep myself amused with mutterings throughout the week.

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