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On This Week


The Glam Slam with Russ Pearce from 1pm – 2pm

Glam rock developed in the UK mainly between 1971 and 1976 with musicians who wore outrageous outfits and hairstyles, makeup, platform shoes, glitter and sparkly costumes.

The ‘Glam Slam’ show with Russ features glam music and stars from 1972 to 1979 and showcases the genres links with disco, rock and punk music, which also achieved widespread popularity during the 70s.

Glam artists embraced a wide range of musical styles from pop, bubblegum, soul, rock and roll, cabaret, science fiction, and art rock. The performers flamboyant clothing and visual styles were often androgynous and blurred historic gender roles and stereotypes. In many ways, this liberated fans to explore music ‘for itself’, opening the floodgates of acceptance for the vast variety of music we enjoy today.

Saggy and Sage with Lisa Galvani + Janette Edmonds

Saggy and Sage – Lisa and Janette are two fifty-something women living in Lyme Regis, having fun and living our dream.

Lisa is a beauty therapist and does the makeovers for Janette’s makeover photography business and we’re both dedicated to helping women feel more confident and happy.

Our theme for this Monday night’s show is ‘Inspirational female artists’.

Join us every Monday with a repeat show aired on Friday for brilliant chat with additionally great music!