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It’s all about the love this week.
Well…love of music anyway…

England’s Dreaming – Tuesday 9th

I will continue to delve into the vaults of the late 70s and early 80s to bring you new, renewed and old classics this week.
We welcome first time appearances by Dead Fingers Talk, Scritti Politti, Fast Cars, Au Pairs, Doctors of Madness, Department S and the brilliantly titled Crispy Ambulance.
There’s always space for the bigger tracks from the era from The Pretenders, Talking Heads, The Jam, Magazine, The Vapors and Blondie alongside those more hidden classics from Vibrators, XTC, Gang of Four, Bad Brains and Psychedelic Furs and many more.
The slot which grows on a weekly basis, ‘Cover 2 Cover’ goes back to the 60s and a glam classic given a spin by our three minute heroes.
The ‘Go 2 Extremes’ slot, where we feature two diverse sides of punk and new wave legends, has 2 songs back to back from a global multimillion selling supergroup.
Do you feel lucky? Well do you punk?

100 Years in 1000 Songs – Tuesday 9th

Starting this week a new series where I will be chronologically taking you on a generational journey through the most influential, inspirational and important songs of the last 100 years spanning all genres.

As it is chronological, you will feel the development and progression of music as we progress through the years and decades with each show.

In Part 1 we span 1916-1939. (So already I am cheating by going back 105 years…) and we will be delighting you with the sounds of Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Cab Calloway, Robert Johnson and Billie Holiday and plenty more in 60 minutes of the history of music with an ultimate historical playlist.

The Final Countdown Rock Show – Wednesday 10th

The Lyme Bay Radio rock show continues the epic countdown of the Top 1000 most successful rock and metal songs of all time with the penultimate week counting down the numbers from #49-#19.
This week you will be be blasted with My Chemical Romance, Foo Fighters, The Cult, Motörhead, Linkin Park, Whitesnake, Bloodhound Gang and many more as the countdown climbs ever upwards towards that definitive number one rock classic which is now only 7 days away.
The Classic Rock Album of the Week is the definitive thrash album from 1987.
I will be slotting in three new tracks from The Pretty Reckless, Empyre and A Day to Remember, and the ‘Onwards and Upwards’ slot features a new single from a Ukraine band called In Signs. 
Hold it together. We’re approaching the end…

Acceptable in the 80s – Friday 12th

We knock on the door of the 90s this week as we go back 32 years to this week in February 1989.
Dance music was breaking off into sub-genres and dominates the chart, but there was still space for rock, indie, duets and musicals. 
We will switch from REM to S Xpress; Def Leppard to Adeva; Simple Minds to Neneh Cherry and Roy Orbison to Elvis Costello.
No matter how much I challenge the acceptability and credibility in today’s show, it is the 80s so it’s all acceptable.

No.1s Show – Saturday 13th

There are plenty of moving love themes in this weeks show to get you in the mood for tomorrow as we once again visit those chart toppers from this week in the last 60 years.
We also have more international appearances than usual as we journey across Europe as well as our usual UK and US acts.
I will play a track from two No.1 albums that were at the top from this week in 1967 and 1985; and we close the show with those US No.1s from this week in the last 60 years which surprisingly didn’t make it all the way to the top over here from 1972 and 2014.

Sending love for Valentine’s week.



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